The first thing I try to do before tackling any project (much to my husband’s dismay) is to create an inspiration board. This is a collage that helps me put all my decor thoughts in one place. By putting the color scheme and proposed products together, it helps me visualize the end result. It also makes it easier to narrow down all my ideas without visiting a ton of stores or returning a bunch of products once I realize they don’t work. Don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of that too but this helps cut down on that time tremendously. I create my inspiration boards in photoshop but you could use any program that allows you to copy and paste photos. I’ve even created some of my early boards in Microsoft Word.

This is the inspiration board created for the bathroom renovation:

This helped us see THE BIG PICTURE and not just focus on individual things we liked. This inspiration board really spiraled from our selection of shower wall tile. We were sold on white subway tile from day one. There was no debating on this. Wes and I both agreed it would be perfect and once we BOTH agree on something, you better roll with it because when it comes to home decor, the agreeing doesn’t always happen so easily (I love you, honey!). Once the subway tile was determined, I started the hunt for a floor tile. We entertained every option, from slate to marble and finally we settled on this. A chocolatey mosaic tile with a patina finish. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. And then it got the Wes seal of approval so I was sold!

With the two main surfaces determined, I could really play around with the accent colors and art. We eventually settled on a slate blue and sage green hoping to energize the room a bit and tie it to the rest of the house. The master bedroom and guest bedrom play with blue and green tones so it only seem fitting. I’ve been in love with this Frank Lloyd Wright print of Falling Water for as long as I can remember and as soon as we settled on the blue and green accents, this little guy just seemed perfect. And “Falling Water”? I mean, if that isn’t perfect for a bathroom, I don’t know what is! Then I found an additional print at Etsy that incorporated the slate blue and a play on a famous saying I remember from many art history classes that seemed ideal for the bathroom as well. I guess I’m developing an architect theme in here for some reason.

Once the tile and color scheme were determined, everything else started to fall in place. From the extra long shower curtain (courtesy of Young House Love’s recommendation) to the recycled glass soap pump from Target, I was starting to see the whole vision come together. After all the pieces were in place, we took the DIY plunge and got to work!

Stay tuned for Seriously?! Chapter 2, Tiling the Shower!