While I’m compiling all the project details and pictures for our bathroom overhaul, I thought I’d share a little sneak peek of the joyous conversations Wes and I shared as we started each task. I call this “Seriously?!”

  • ” They installed the shower wall tile right onto drywall! Seriously?!” 
  • “”They put the vinyl flooring right on top of the old vinyl flooring! And they only put glue in a big glob right in the center! Seriously?!”
  • “They only replaced SOME of the rotten wood underneath the soaking wet window IN the shower! Seriously?!”

Yep, lots of stupidity was uncovered as we started ripping away the layers from the previous owners. Luckily, we have the satisfying feeling of knowing that our beautiful bathroom is now structurally sound and water proof! I can definitely sleep a little easier now, thats for sure.

Now here is a friendly reminder of the bathroom before our overhaul…

Stay tuned for Chapter 1!