“Mommy, Wow! I’m a big kid now!”

Yep, straight out of a huggies pull-ups commercial but thats how I felt as soon as the vanity for our bathroom was complete. Not only is the new vanity more than 18″ deep, it’s also fully equipped with a brand new Kohler sink and faucet. We have enough storage to hold all our toiletries, extra toilet paper, and anything else we darn well please!! I love this vanity so much I could sing a song about it. I won’t but I could.

Here’s a friendly reminder of the vanity we had before. This one came with the house and seemed to be the perfect size…for a 6 year old. Please excuse the old crooked picture.

And here is the new beauty!

My lovely millworker of a husband built this bad boy. (Thats him in the mirror, please excuse his confused sleepy expression. I obviously haven’t perfected my photography skills yet.)

There’s a shot of that stunning Kohler sink and faucet. Isn’t she beautiful?! Wes and I worked together to design the actual vanity and then I let him roll with it. With his trusty (which translates to gigantic) miter saw in tow, he cut every square inch of this vanity and pieced it together to create this masterpiece. OK, I’m gushing but I really love it that much. And to top it all off, my husband built it.

The hardest part of the vanity project…ok, not the hardest because I’m sure the actual building was the hardest but I didn’t help with that…so, the hardest part of the vanity project for ME was selecting the hardware. We decided to mix brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze in the bathroom since we already had a lot of brushed nickel and the oil rubbed bronze would really bring out the chocolatey goodness of the mosaic tile floor.

We finally found these craftsman inspired pulls at a local hardware store. We instantly knew that these were the ones but the pricetag didn’t quite agree with us. We needed a total of (3) ring pulls and (3) drawer pulls which came to a whopping total of almost $100. No ma’am! We decided to leave our dream pulls behind and turn to our trusty friend Google and once again he didn’t let us down. We jotted down the name of  the hardware while we were at the store so we knew exactly what to search for. Thats when we found the same pulls for 1/2 the price!! Needless to say we ordered them immediately and haven’t looked back since. Here are the drawer pulls and ring pulls.

So what do you think? Is my husband awesome or what? Maybe your husband is just as awesome and has built something for your home. Do tell!

P.S. For anyone who’s husband isn’t quite as handy, my husband takes on freelance work. So don’t hesitate to contact us about any future furniture/built-in project you have in mind but don’t quite have the tools to tackle yourself.