While Wes and I are in the process of tying all the loose ends in the bathroom, I thought I would interject with a post about ME! 

I have a problem. A design problem none-the-less- but still a problem. I can’t focus and this is a focus that can’t be solved with a little ridilin. I have Design A.D.D. I define Design ADD as an inability to decide on one particular style for your home and commit to it. I have been battling this problem since Day 1 in our lovely little bungalow. The main source of confusion for me…the living room. The living room is such an important part of a home. Its where most families (ok, well at least ours) spends most of their time. Thats where we brainstorm DIY projects, watch movies (lots of movies!) and spend time with our pups. If the living room doesn’t feel like home then no where does.

I tend to think that the main source of inspiration in the living room is the rug. My problem is…I can’t decide on one. I have gone back and forth and back and forth. Finally I have found what I call…”The One”. “The One” works with my current curtains (which I love) and the current paint color (which I love).

I put together this inspiration board (which I love). Sensing a theme?

Wes and I are still working on our dream couch but essentially the items on the board are either soon to be purchased or already in our possession. I love how the cool blues play with the rich, warm copper in the rug and curtains. Then with all the neutrals to calm the room, it’s just perfect for our eclectic and, often times, too dramatic family. I kept trying to incorporate too much color into our living room. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a little color but a lot of color can be just too overwhelming, especially in a small home like ours. Thats why this scheme works so well for us. The rug and curtains provide just enough power for the room and then everything else remains soothing and neutral.

So tell me…what floats your boat when it comes to living room decor? Are you bold and colorful or serene and neutral?