Can you guess what this is?

I knew you smart and beautiful people could figure it out! Thats right, its a whole slew of Crotch Mahogany Veneer and it’s ALL mine! Don’t be jealous. Ok, you can be a little jealous because it’s AWESOME!

Look at that pile of wooden beauty. My lovely husband found 100 pieces of Crotch Mahogany Venner on Ebay for $10. Yes, you read that correctly. Certainly when we saw the price tag, we weren’t sure what we would be getting but the most we could lose was $10. The description on Ebay did say that they came in smaller pieces so we were prepared for that. I have to tell you though, I am loving the smaller sizes! It’s really gotten my design wheels turning. What can we create with these squares of veneer (typically about 12″x12″)?!

I’ve already got plans for a custom headboard for our master bedroom and some end tables for the guest room with a painted white frame and veneered drawer fronts! I’m salivating over here, how about you?

If you had a 100 pieces of Crotch Mahogany Veneer, what would you create?

*My husband would like to clarify that the name Crotch Mahogany is not meant to be dirty (hehe) but in fact Crotch defines what part of the tree the veneer hails from. Crotch means the wood came from the tree where the limb connects to the trunk.