As you read recently, the Gillen household is super excited about the purchase of Crotch Mahogany Veneer. We certainly have plenty of projects on our to-do list around here that don’t involve this veneer but I just couldn’t keep myself from doing a little planning.

Our first Crotch Mahogany Veneer project is going to be a headboard for our master bedroom. Currently we have no bedframe and our pillows lean up against the window. Relaxing, right?!

Our first thought was that we didn’t mind covering up the window. We’re going to start by putting up IKEA Vivan panels in front of the window entirely so that the headboard and height of the bed aren’t dependent on that window. We bought a brand new mattress when we purchased this house and it is super thick, I mean thick like a Cookout milkshake thick. Because of this, I’ve always been concerned about a bedframe or headboard since any extra height would immediately cover up the window. Solution…cover up the window. We never use it anyway and we have another window right on the other side of the room so plenty of sunlight will still flow in.

Moving on…with the window covered up, my creative wheels started turning and I churned out this.

The headboard would be painted white and the veneer inset into the (3) middle panels.

So what do you think…beautiful, lame, or you wouldn’t be caught dead with anything named crotch in your house?