This past weekend, we started yet another DIY Project. This one is for my birthday present which means I don’t have to lift a finger! My talented hubbie is building a custom built-in bookcase for our sad hallway.

This is our hallway before…

We originally tried to use this nook of dead space to create a workspace for Wes while he was in school. Well as you can imagine that didn’t quite work out. It turned into the dreaded dumping ground. All the mail, extra papers to be filed, and so on, ended up on this desk. In addition, I was forced to walk by it every day on the way to the bedroom and it just made me sad. Yep, a misused dead space in my home can make me sad. I’m that obsessed with my home. So after a little brainstorming that what our house needed was more storage! Our little 800 SF bungalow leaves much to be desired when it comes to functional storage so anytime we start a new project, we think about storage first and foremost.

We decided that we wanted the bookcase to be built-in instead of just a furniture piece so that it looked more cohesive. We wanted it crisp and white like our trim but with a little something extra. Thats when we decided veneer! We veneered the back of the bookcase with walnut which is my favorite species of wood ever! Yes, I am a nerd.

Moving on…here is a little sneak peak at the progress.

Now that beautiful walnut is going to receive a glossy clear coat and then the rest will be white for a stunning contrast. Also the base of the bookcase will be enclosed cabinets to help us with the “not-so-pretty” storage…linens, towels, etc.

We are going to begin the finishing process this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. So what do you think?! Love the walnut or would you have left it all the same color. Maybe you would’ve painted it red. Do tell!