Well as usual, my husband was BUSY this weekend. We were in a race against the rain to make progress on our beautiful built-in book case. See, we have now given ourselves a deadline. Nothing like scheduling a party to really light the fire and mark some items off your to-do list! So with my birthday party quickly approaching, Wes was determined to build as much of the bookcase and finish it if possible this past weekend. Well, we got it all built and step 1 of the finishing complete, primer.

Wes built the doors for the base of the bookcase and used applied molding to give them a little extra oomph. My job is to pick out the perfect hardware. (I’m still working on that…more details to come!)

After confirming that all the pieces fit perfectly or “dry fit” the pieces in my husband’s language, he used a little wood glue and his trusty nail gun to attach each component.

Look at those beautiful curves!

Now for the BIG reveal progress shot…

I’m just in love! Obviously it still has a little ways to go. We have to install the shelves and apply the paint but you can really visualize what this baby is going to look like. I’m just so proud that my husband built it with his own two hands.

Next weekend we tackle the finishing and …dum dum dum… installation. Wish us luck!