This past weekend we tackled the infamous installation of our brand new custom bookcase. Installation is by far the scariest part of any projct. Specifically because nothing in our home or any home we’ve ever been in is actually built square. Nope, no 90 degree corners for us; therefore, installation gets a little janky creative.

All in all, we were successful but that was not without a little foul language and discouragement. I mean how do we actually get the base cabinet into the nook when the darn door frames are in the way of our perfectly sized face frame?! Yep, that one took us about 20 minutes but we eventually got it in there.

But before you see the stellar after, let’s see a reminder of the depressing before:

Yep…so sad and completely boring. Epic fail! Now time for what I have deemed a complete success. Ladies and Gentlemen Ok, Mom & Dad, here’s the after!

Now we obviously still need to install the hinges and pulls on the cabinet doors and finish the trim work but we are so happy with the result! It really changes the entire feel of the hallway…no, the whole house. I feel so fancy as I walk by our built in bookcase morning, day, and night. I just can’t wait to dress it up with books and art and doo-dads, oh my!