Spring is here. Well in the south it’s here one day, summer the next, and then a little fall thrown in just to keep you on your toes.

Now that the warm weather has arrived I have got the fever…the planting fever. Thats right Out of Square is officially embarking on yard work. We have successfully avoided it since the day we moved in. I mean, we mow our lawn like the good neighbors we are but when it really comes to beautifying our humble grounds, we have failed miserably.

First I made the commitment to focus on the front of our house. We have two weed flower beds that are in need of some major attention.


They have these lovely holly bushes that have been there from the dark ages and some new species of weed I’m sure was about to grow the height of our house. We need help!

So I committed. I solemnly swear to make our yard beautiful. This, however, is a completely daunting task since I know NOTHING about plants or grass or mulch or compost or…you get the picture. Thats why this project started with research and lots of it. I trolled some of the obvious spots…Better Homes and Gardens, Do-It-Yourself Network, etc. Thats when I realized I was entirely over my head and I cheated. Yep, I am fessing up. I had no idea how to choose plants for my yard. Was I kidding myself?! I can barely choose a paint color, how on Earth am I going to find the perfect plant for my yard that will grow and thrive in my conditions. What are my conditions?! I have no idea!!

Ok, thats about how the anxiety attack went. Thats when I took a deep breath and started with Step 1.

Step 1 : Determine if the area you are planting in is Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade, or Full Shade. So I took notes in a little notebook of mine by the front door and periodically checked the status of my front two flower beds throughout the day one Saturday. And the winner is….Full Shade & Part Shade. One side gets full shade due to the large tree in our front yard and the other gets full shade.

Now I am a symmetrical girl at heart so I knew that I wanted the same plants on each side. Luckily full shade & part shade are virtually the same and the same plants can thrive in both conditions. So with that knowledge in my pocket, I pulled out the big guns…Spring Hill Nursery. The beauty of Spring Hill online nursery is that they have pre-planned gardens. Yes, pre-planned gardens. Can you hear that…it’s angels singing because I have been saved! Saved from complete embarrassment. Now I don’t have to waste the time and money trying to figure out what works in my yard and failing right out in the open for the whole street to see. Instead Spring Hill Nursery will do the leg work for me. That is how I cheated. I scrolled through the pre-planned gardens online and found the Complete Foundation Shade Garden. Shade, check. Foundation, check. It was meant to be.

 The beauty about this garden plan is that it involves a little color. It turns out that a lot of shade loving plants are green, just green. Now I love green and all but in the spring and summer I crave bright vibrant color and this garden will do that for me. Well, hopefully. As long as I can remember to water them. Mental note…water plants.

So now that the hard part is complete, all I have to do is plant. That would be Step 2 which we are right in the midst of. Stay tuned for the hopefully Amanda won’t kill the new plants spring planting adventure!