If my three avid readers have learned anything over the past month or so, it is that I change my mind. A lot. And I change it quicker than a celebrity can say I do and then sign the divorce papers. This being said, I can certainly defend my constant indecisiveness. It’s because I like too many things, too many styles, and too many ideas. As soon as I feel satisfied with one plan, I see a picture in magazine or a new product online and the day dreaming starts all over again. Our living room is a perfect example of this.

Remember this plan?

I loved it and I thought it was the one! Well I still love it but something else caught my eye along the way. I started having visions. Visions of gray walls, warm woods, and graphic patterned curtains. I have always had my eye on these curtains at IKEA.

So I revisited the idea of these curtains again and decided to bite the bullet. Thats right, I bought them! Now if you know me then you know that this rarely ever happens because I assume I will grow tired of the idea before the cashier can hand me the receipt. This time was different though. I have loved these curtains for months and months and  they seemed like the perfect place to kick off the design. They provided a beautiful palette of army greens, rich browns, and gray blues. Also this palette would work with some existing pieces. We certainly plan on replacing our sofa in the near future but the green in the curtains actually coordinates perfectly with our existing hand me down.

With the curtains in hand, the next step was the paint color. We made our traditional trip to Home Depot one Saturday and pulled samples of every warm gray we could find. We finally settled on Glidden Wood Smoke which a co-worker of mine also happened to use in a recent commercial project and highly recommended it. Sold!

Last but not least came the rug. Since the curtains were bold and the focal point of the room, I wanted to tone down the rug. I started doing my research and developed a new infatuation with natural fiber rugs. They are super durable and just require a little vacuuming to keep them looking sharp. With two large dogs and a small living room, durability is key. With that idea in my pocket, I visited my local West Elm. Thats where the clouds parted and the angels started singing. I found this beauty and let me tell you, the website photograph does not do it justice.

Jute Diamond Rug

The large overscale diamond pattern in the deep charcoal gray is breathtaking and really adds something special to a traditional braided jute rug. I really wanted the rug to have personality of its own so that the curtains didn’t overshadow it but instead they worked together for a more layered look.

Now that I have broken down the pieces of the room, lets get to the big picture…literally.

Obviously some accessorizing stil needs to take place but Wes and I are both in love with the new look. And Bailey too. Can’t you tell she is just overwhelmed with excitement about the new rug she gets to lay on?!

It doesn’t stop there though. I haven’t properly introduced the blog world to the other corners of the living room so now seems like the perfect time. Readers, meet the living room. Living room, meet the readers.

*Yes that is Gilmore Girls on the television.* This is the awkward wall that you walk right into as you enter the front door. We had the hardest time trying to figure out what to put here. Art never seemed quite right jammed up against the television and then a lovely friend of mine suggested shelving. Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of that?! Luckily I have brilliant and create friends. So after a quick sketch in my sketchbook, the hubs whipped these shelves up one Saturday afternoon and began the daunting task of accessorizing. Side note: The hubby also built the TV unit.

This is our lovely little hallway leading to the bookcase you saw here. We try our best to really personalize the art in our house. The best way we have found to do this is to incorporate vacation photographs. We don’t care to have our faces plastered all over the house but take a few architectural photographs or landscapes, have then printed in a sepia tone, and BAM! you have art. I love grouping smaller photographs together for bigger impact so thats what I did here. These are all photographs from our trip to Portland, Oregon last year. We have beach, mountain, and city all in one.

I also had a bunch of frames leftover from our wedding photo gallery so I just spray painted them all white for a more cohesive look. I love that they look so professional but have special meaning for our family.

And here is our dining corner. Talk about a multi-tasking room! This table and chairs set was a lovely wedding gift as well as the threesome of mirrors on the wall. This corner might be my favorite in the whole house. The artsy light fixture over the table and the quaint table for four that actually unfolds and can seat up to 8!

Hello?! Are you still there?! Sorry for the long post but I am loving my living room right now and wanted to share the goods. I’m also excited that I finally committed to a design and stuck with it. This might be a first. The next project is to interject some pops of yellow for a little surprise and fun. Stay tuned for more details on my DIY ideas for that!