This weekend I decided to tackle a quick and easy project that (1) I could complete in a day and (2) allow me to feel productive in between episodes of my Gilmore Girls marathon.

Enter my back door.

This is how the kitchen has existed for quite some time now. Besides painting the walls ICI Gingerbread House and installing the new door with glass shortly after moving in, very little work has occurred in this room. We have plans for a full kitchen remodel eventually but we’ve got some serious saving to do before that adventure.

So as most of the people in my life know, I get bored very easily so I couldn’t just wait for our major kitchen remodel and not do anything to the kithen in the mean time. That would be ridiculous, right?! Ok, just agree with me for now. So a few weeks ago I decided to paint my kitchen the same lovely shade of gray as the living room, Glidden Wood Smoke, just to brighten things up and tie in with the recent living room makeover.

Excellent decision on my part if I must say so myself but it just wasn’t complete. Thats when I decided that the back door needed a little facelift too.

See we painted our front door a deep rich brown back when we moved in and instead of just painting the outside, we painted the inside too. Brilliant! I love how rich the brown door looks with the crisp white molding and smokey gray walls. So if it worked for the front door, why not the back? Who ever said the back door has to be boring?!

The new gray walls and chocolatey brown door really make the kitchen more sophisticated and adds so much cohesiveness between the front and back. I think we are really on to something around here…finally!Now I think I may be able to tolerate the rest of the room until we get around to the major overhaul. Well…maybe for a little while.