As you recently read here, Wes and I revamped the living room with a fresh coat of paint, a new rug and a pair of new curtains. With those key pieces in place, I started to reevaluate the other elements in the room. Specifically our coffee table choice. We currently have this cherry & maple table that Wes handcrafted.


Now this is a beautiful table but the cherry wood tone doesn’t quite jive with the other darker wood tones in the room. As I’m gradually defining the look and style of the room, I’m starting to consider more non-traditional options.

I saw this concept while doing some aimless googling one day.


I was instantly in love! In an 800 SF bungalow, you are constantly on the look out for storage and OH the storage this beauty would provide. The clincher is that it really needs to be a vintage piece to really achieve the right look. A brand new flat file won’t quite do the job. You have to have the chipped paint and rust to give it character and a few original label holders on the drawers wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve been on the look out for quite some time and haven’t found one yet. I’m sure if I wasn’t looking for one, I would find a whole store devoted to vintage flat files. I’m considering getting a brand new one (free from work) and making it look old myself. Thoughts on that? Not quite sure how to do that but I’m sure a little Google search couldn’t hurt.

My other consideration is a vintage trunk. I know, I know. This has been done to death but there is something so intriguing about a gently worn trunk with a story. No trunk is the same and I love that! Again, the additional storage wouldn’t hurt either. These are a few different takes (not the standard leather with brass hardware) on the vintage trunk that could be interesting.

vintage up cycle ww2 wooden army trunk coffee table with legsThen there is the pallet. Unconventional, yes, but the options are limitless.  I stumbled upon this idea after seeing this high price beauty in a pottery barn catalog.

Wheel Coffee Table

I love the vintagey feel and those wheels! I immediately thought…”Wes can build that!” So I started my internet search and found images of all these amazing interpretations of the pallet coffee table.

So there are my thoughts. I can’t quite decide which is my favorite. Feel free to chime in with your opinion!