So it’s been a crazy few weeks at work and the husband just got back in town after being gone for 3 weeks so needless to say, we are busy! We have been running around trying to get things done that we couldn’t while he was gone and at the same time work exploded in my face. So what does that mean for you? A completely random post full of pretty things that I like 🙂

Thats right, we haven’t had time to get back to our ever growing to-do list  so I don’t have much to blog about it. Until we get started on those incomplete projects (hopefully it will be this coming weekend though), I didn’t want to keep my parents  readers waiting.

So here are a few of my favorite things.

Organic Carved Circles Duvet Cover + Shams

 I need this duvet immediately and I need it in a King size with the matching shams and someone to paint my master bedroom a beautiful shade of charcoal gray.

After seeing this bold art on Apartment Therapy, I instantly knew that this was my solution for the wall above our sofa in the living room. This map is an aerial shot but I want to put a huge, gigantic, monumental world map on the wall and then use fun pins to mark all the places Wes and I have traveled. Granted that list isn’t very long but hopefully it will grow over the years. And what a fun conversation piece! My task now is to find the perfect map…

Gray Bone Box Collection


I love these little boxes. I want a million of them to scatter around the house. Ok, I don’t need a million but I would love just one that I could put in my bedroom and throw my daily jewelry (watch, rings, etc.)  in so no one has to see my pile of junk.

This photograph is sheer perfection in my opinion. ( found the picture in DIY print quality. You can download it for free from her site.)  It has that great grainy vintage quality but still has pops of color. This could make any room! Specifically I’m thinking my bathroom…hmmmm…

Now this may not be pretty in everyone else’s eyes but this puppy is just music to my ears. Wes and I are saving up for an enclosed trailer so that he can store all his tools out of the house! Oh, and it will be easier for him to travel around for projects too. My hope is that the next time my parents come to visit, they won’t have to step over the miter saw or tool box to get to the bed. *Sigh*…it gives me butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. 🙂

So those are some of my wishlist items and things I’m loving right now. Do you have anything you’re dreaming about these days? Are there too many to count?

*Please note that my birthday has passed already this year but I will gladly except gifts in celebration of Labor Day, National Postal Worker Day, etc., etc.*