You will never believe what happened!! We…wait for it…finished a project! Thats right ladies and gentlemen, the Out of Square household finally completed the built-in bookcase in our hallway. HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Here is a friendly reminder of what we started with…

Isn’t that the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen?! I’m not sure how we managed to live with it for so long. And now that I have completely devastated you, here is the uplifting after!

Look at that stunning piece of work! The rich walnut veneer, the brushed stainless door hardware…it just makes my mouth water! Now styling the bookcase will be the ongoing project. I’m sure it will change regularly as we collect things. I have collected a few new items at our local antique store, The Sleepy Poet, the happiest place on Earth in my opinion. I walked through last weekend which ended up taking about 4 hours because it is humongous and I don’t feel satified unless I walk every square inch of it. I did come home with some prize pieces I must say though. I hate to buy anything that doesn’t mean something so when I scour the antique or thrift stores around town, I look for something that relates to us as individuals, as a family, etc. This past shopping trip must have been dedicated to Wes because everything I came home with related to him.

I found this vintage block plane for my woodworking husband. I love it. Its heavy and old and great!

My next challenge was to find some sort of box. I know, pretty vague right?! Well, my ultimate goal was to find something that Wes could use to throw his miscellaneous items in when he gets home like his wallet, keys, phone, ipod, etc. They were being thrown into a huge pile on our beautiful floating shelves in the living room. Not exactly the accessorizing I was looking for. I wanted something that was large enough to hold everything and had a lid so no one had to see it. There is nothing that makes a house look messier than STUFF just laying around. Putting those things away instantly makes your house look cleaner. So after many visits to The Sleeping Poet, I found this guy.

Its an old artillery case that received a wonderful coat of yellow paint once upon time. The perfect addition to our house and I didn’t even have to paint it! It already tied in to our new accent color.

Last but not least I wanted some bookends and I would’ve been nuts to leave these guys behind especially with the $5.00 price tag they had!

I know what you’re thinking…ducks? Well Wes used to duck hunt and a few members of his family still do. Of course all good things seem to come in brass so they definitely have a can of spray paint in their future. I’m thinking white but I haven’t quite committed yet.

So thats our story of the built-in bookcase. We’ve officially completed a project and lived to tell about it. Did you think it would ever happen?! Do you have any projects that seem to drag on forever? This is one of my favorte things in the house now and well worth the sweat and tears. Lets take a look at the difference it makes one more time.

Isn’t it just unreal! Its the best decision we ever made in my opinion. Now if we can just finish the bathroom…