Our kitchen in one word…cramped…no wait, inefficient…no, miserable. Ok, that was 3 words but you get the point. Our quaint little bungalow has definitely caused us some heart ache in the storage department and the kitchen is no exception. Currently our kitchen houses both our cooking and laundry duties. Not to mention all our pantry items and cleaning supplies. All this in a 10′-10″ x 11′-0″ room. Yep, talk about a challenge.

My first goal is to sketch up some new layout options. My husband assures me that we could possible move the washer and dryer to a different wall with minimal damage. Luckily there’s a plumber in the family :). With that in mind, my creative wheels started turning! I’ll share all those layouts soon. In the mean time, let me share some inspiration photos with you to give you an idea of  whats floating through my mind.


So this picture just about summarizes everything I have in mind. One, White cabinets all the way up to the ceiling and then a simple shelf underneath for those regularly used items that you need within reach. Second, subway tile backsplash. Third wood floors. These are all items on the wish list. My mouth is watering just looking at this photo.

I know, I know…again with the white cabinets but I love them. The main things I want to point out in this beautiful kitchen are the farmhouse sink (LOVE!) and the amazing butcherblock island. If I can squeeze even the smallest amount of extra square footage out of our kitchen during this overhaul, a butcher block island will immediately fill it. Immediately. Thats right, no ifs, ands, or buts.


Now talk about using what space you got. ADD over at DIY with ADD really maximized the function and efficiency of her shotgun kitchen. I am definitely loving the industrial looking cabinet hardware, the slate countertop, and of course her beautiful farmhouse sink with bridge faucet. *Drool*

Ok, enough of the eye candy. Here’s a run down of our wishlist:

  • stained wood flooring to match the rest of the house
  • white cabinets mounted against ceiling with shelf underneath
  • stainless steel appliances (big wish)
  • farmhouse sink
  • dishwasher – this is more than a wish, its a necessity – our kitchen currently doesn’t have one
  • subway tile backsplash
  • simple brushed stainless cabinet hardware
  • school house light fixture, similar to this but with a much smaller price tag

Thats really it. Not too bad, right? We are certainly planning on handling the overhaul all by ourselves. From laying the wood floors to installing the cabinets and possibley creating the much talked about schoolhousel ight fixture. I feel like we can tackle it all especially with my woodworking husband by my side. What do you think? Have we lost our mind? Is there anything that would be on your wish list that I haven’t mentioned?