Yep, more planning. If you know me then that comes to you as no surprise. I am obsessed with planning. From starting a shopping list a week before I actually plan to shop or researching a project months before my husband even knows it on the to-do list. Hi, My name is Amanda and I’m addicted to planning.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk about our kitchen! (Beware: I’m going to get a little interior design nerdy today. Look out for floor plans and elevations!)

This is our kitchen floor plan today.

You may notice that, well…it’s stupid. We have one wall of cabinetry with the stove. Ok, that makes sense. Then another wall with the washer and dryer (and cabinets above – not shown). Ok, not horrible. And then there’s the refrigerator. The sad, lonely refrigerator that lives right in front of our electrical panel. Thats right…stupid. One of my main goals with the kitchen renovation is to make the kitchen more efficient and that starts by consolidating some of the appliances. I would love to have a stackable front load washer/dryer and then be able to put the refrigerator on the same wall. That way all the bulky equipment stays together and leaves us open for more prep space which we are in dire need of.

Option #1:

Option 1 lets us move all the appliances to the window wall of the kitchen and leaves us enough room for additional storage under the window and (crossing fingers) an island. More specifically a butcher block island because what kitchen is complete without one?! I have to say I love the idea of the island but the flow of the room seems a little messy and I’m not sure that we will really get any more storage space out of it. In fact, we may lose some. Not ideal. Moving on…

Option #2:

Option 2 consolidates the appliances on one wall but then allows us to have an entire counter devoting just to prep or servicing. In addition to that, we don’t end up covering the electrical panel which I know is a code violation. Its a win win.  

So thats where my mind is at these days. We’ll see where it ends up but this is where I’m headed! What do you think about the new layouts? Do you have a favorite?