I’m back again with another love affair of the week! (Yes, I actually remembered to do this post again!)  This week is devoted to the Schoolhouse Light.

Lighting Universe

You see the Schoolhouse Light (mostly in pendant form) everywhere these days and I’m a-ok with jumping on that bandwagon. They are beautiful as pendants, as ceiling mount, as just about anything! Here are a few examples just to get your mouth watering.


Farmhouse Kitchen from School House Electric traditional kitchen



They have that perfect vintage look but could still feel perfectly at home in a more modern space. You mostly see them in kitchens but I think they could be the perfect lighting solution for most rooms. Now I do have one bone to pick with Schoolhouse lights…the price tag. Have you seen the cost associated with these puppies? You can barely find anything for under $150.00 and if you do find something on the cheap side, it definitely looks like it. That’s why I’m planning my own DIY schoolhouse light. Be sure to stayed tuned. I’m hoping the results will be fantastic (and save me a buck or two) but it could also be completely tragic and give you a good laugh. Either way it should be entertaining!