A kitchen renovation seems to be just too big to categorize in chapters. The planning phase alone is more than half the story. I firmly believe that the planning phase is the most important so I’m going to keep going until I know we have it right.

Last time we saw the kitchen, we were reviewing it in plan view and this week lets take a look at some elevations. I know, interior design geekiness, right here, look no further.

First off, we are trying to refrain from moving any plumbing, electrical, etc. Thats where the big bucks add up so when we started brainstorming layout changes, it really revolved around cabinetry changes instead of water and power changes. Here’s the potential look of the cabinetry where the sink is located.

The main change in this area is going to be moving the cabinets up against the ceiling and adding a shelf underneath for those “need-within-reach” items. Nothing too extravagant but it works for us. Now the more significant changes are going to occur on the washer/dryer wall.

Now on this wall we are going to (hopefully) put in the new stackable front loaders and (hopefully) the new refrigerator. We will modify the existing cabinets to allow for the extra height of the appliances and voila! We have a consolidated large appliance area! Love it! That leaves the former refrigerator wall open for a beautiful butcher block countertop and a pot rack above. I love how DIY with ADD controlled her pot storage here.

DIY pot rack in custom kitchen shelves.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to completely steal her idea.  It looks beautiful and is completely functional.

So thats where our layout is headed these days. Now we just have to save up for these amazing appliances that will make our kitchen sing! I’m going to go clean some change out of the couch now. Happy Sunday!