I am so excited to report that I am guest posting over at Kara Paslay Designs today! I know, right?! So exciting. I am lucky enough to help Kara out while she is embarking on the exciting world of set decorating for a movie filmed in her town! How exciting is that? I’m super jealous!

I’m finally using this guest posting opportunity to reveal our bathroom renovation. I’m sure you probably forgot that even happened. I’ve been delinquent and it has been quite the labor of love. 9 months of labor actually. Granted the majority of that time has just been the details but still. I’m happy to report it’s complete and we are in love with it!

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the lovely Kara Paslay then you should certainly hop over to her blog to not only read my guest post (hint, hint) but to check out her amazing home renovations as well. I am so in love with her guest bathroom…wait, and her master bedroom…oh, and the guest bedroom is beautiful! Ok, I’m smitten with the whole place. What are you still doing here, go check it out!