Back in the big bookcase reveal, I shared with you a few pics of our accessories at the time. I had picked up a few unique items at our local antique mall, Sleepy Poet; including an antique block planer, artillery box, and brass duck heads.


I’ve been struggling with the brass duck heads since I bought them. Not struggling with whether or not I liked them (I love them actually) but what to do with them. Should they stay brass, should I paint them white? These are the important questions that plague me at night :). Well I finally decided to paint them because the brass just wasn’t cutting it. And what did I decide on…blue! Seems odd I know but as I observed the other “things” on the bookcase, I noticed that I already had a blue theme going and I didn’t even know it. Blue vase, blue door photograph. So I grabbed a can of Valspar gloss spray paint in Royal Blue and went to town. A perfect super quick project to complete in between episodes of America’s Next Top Model a really intellectual documentary.

Obviously, the styling of a bookcase is quite the process and evolution but I’m starting to like the direction it’s  going. I’m focusing on found objects and meaningful things from our life together. The one thing that really needs to be addressed is the light in the hallway. I can never get a good picture because the lighting is horrible and I always end up having to use the flash. Boo! I’m thinking I might create a similar fixture as the one in the kitchen. Thoughts?