I’ve had fabric on the brain recently. Fabric for sofas, fabric for chairs, fabric for dog beds. All sorts of fabric dreams swirling around in my head. Everytime I start brainstorming, I end up thinking about natural fabrics. More specifically, burlap. I’m sure you have started seeing it pop up all over.

From pillows to chairs to tote bags. All burlap and even more specifically, burlap sacks turned home decor. I love it! Not only does it have this nubby natural texture but it also incorporates a graphic print. Love it! 

I’m actually thinking about DIY-ing the coffee sack look myself. Turns out when you google coffee sack, you find out that they cost a minimum of $50 for a sack, an empty sack no less. I don’t even get coffee beans out of the deal! So needless to say, the authentic coffee sack was off the list. Then I googled burlap, burlap is so dirt cheap its ridiculous. It must be the red headed step child of the fabric world. So my goal is to purchase some burlap and go to town with some stencils and paint to create the great graphic pattern that the expensive coffeee sacks bring to the table. If I go the DIY route, I will even be able to customize the graphic so it’s personal. Love it!

Here is my chair now:

I bought this bad boy about a million years ago at a local antique shop for $15. It has unfortunately remained in it’s original state since I purchased it but its time is coming soon. I’m going to steal a little inspiration from these guys…


 And revamp this neglected chair. Can’t wait to share my DIY burlap chair chair makeover!