Friday, November 26

6:30 AM – Get the coffee brewin’ because Home Depot is calling our name! You don’t realize how much you need a home improvement store until it’s not actually open. Naturally Home Depot is our first stop of the morning to get our plumbing supplies for the retrofit. You see, this is what our washer connection looked like before.


Tragic, isn’t it? Yep, our water supply and drain were actually located outside of the wall. Most new construction has the nice recessed box in the wall with all those handy dandy connections that you may be used to seeing. Well, we were determined to hide this sucker. We specifically wanted to tackle this project since our floor was going to be completely removed and we could access the crawlspace with no problem-o. With our handy plumber Wade in tow, we hopped on over to Home Depot on Black Friday. AHHH! It actually wasn’t that bad. I guess tools and appliances aren’t on everyone’s Christmas lists this year. (In case you are interested, they are definitely on mine…hint, hint.) Anyway, we didn’t have to tackle any crowds and managed to scoop up all the pvc plumbing components we could get our hands on.

With all the supplies ready to go, Wes and Wade tackled this.

With absolutely no help from me, they ended up with this.

Awesome! All nice and neat and tucked away out of sight. While we were messing around with the water in the house, we went ahead and added a waterline for our future refrigerator’s icemaker.

Isn’t that fancy? It makes me feel fancy. LIke by having waterlines tucked away in your wall actually makes you more of an adult. Thats the way it felt to me. We were on our way to a grown up kitchen.

Lunch Time: Wade’s plumbing contribution is complete and he hits the road. We are forever indebted to him. We scarf down a quick bite and clean up the work area. There is noting that Wes and I hate more than a messy and disorganized workspace. We are perfect for each other, aren’t we? So we straighten and get our final piece of subfloor secured. We are almost ready for the…wait for it…new flooring.

We do have one last step before the beautiful red oak planks can be slapped into place. A bit ole roll of black felt paper. This is really to keep moisture away from the wood so they don’t warp. Mucho importante. This was probably the easiest step so far. You just roll it on the floor and staple it. Done! Oh, but don’t forget to use your trusty chalk line again. You don’t want to forget where those joists are.

If you aren’t thinking this looks better than the before, then you should stop reading now and get your eyes checked because this is one beautiful site compared to the torn vinyl we have endured for 4 years.

Ok, so technically this isn’t the end of our work on Saturday but I’m tired so you’ll just have to hang around for the next installment. Goodnight!