So last we left off, our kitchen was looking a little like this.

Not completely tragic, but still a long way to go. This picture captures what we lived with until the next weekend. Once the work week resurfaces, Wes and I are pretty much useless. The last thing we want to do when we get home is start a project. This may differ a lot from other DIY couples out there. Call us busy, call us lazy, call us whatever you want. DIY is for the weekend around here. Any hoo, the following weekend, we picked back up where we left off which included installing the countertop and putting our sink back in! Yep, we managed to make it through the week with only our bathroom sink. Not really that difficult honestly. We ordered in a lot, used paper plates, pretty much the same thing we’ve been doing since we moved in and had no dishwasher. But that was all about to change.

Saturday, December 4

We have our game face on and to-do list in front of us. Plumbing was the name of the game for us. We started with the sink. Wes cut a lovely hole in our beutiful butcher block and slid our sink right in. We decided to keep our existing sink because (a) we have loved it since we bought it and (b) to save money. Why buy a new sink when we already had a perfectly good one! After the sink was in place we went to work on the dishwasher. Now everyone seems to be pretty amazed that we installed it ourselves. It actually was one of the easiest projects so I’m not sure why the shock. Maybe because it requires an electrical connection or maybe because you have to hook it up to water? If you or your significant other is comfortable with electricity and water then this is certainly something someone can do at home. After about half an hour and a trial run to make sure we didn’t have any leaks, we were officially a dishwasher-runnin’ family!

Now that was one of the worst pictures ever taken but it’s all I have so deal. 🙂

After the dishwasher install we decided to relax since we felt so accomplished. We just loaded up the dishwasher and literally washed every thing in the house which at the moment was still covered with dust from the demolition the week before. *hangs head in shame* Then we settled in for a Twilight Saga marthon. Yep, thats who we are.  Best Saturday ever.

Sunday, December 5


Week of December 6

Wes decided to be proactive after work one day this week and installed the upper cabinets. Love him! He also took the opportunity to start putting things away after running them through the dishwasher. Love him even more! And if that wasn’t enough, he even installed the base and casing.

It almost looks like a kitchen again! Oh, and I almost forgot one thing…look what Santa brought us!

Best Christmas present ever!