As I’m sure you have noticed, things have slowed down a bit over at Out of Square. Not sure that I have much of an excuse except that we are tired. Pretty lame but true. After working furiously on our kitchen and trying to clean up the mess we left behind, we just needed a little time to unwind and enjoy each others company without being covered in demolition dust. We still have a ways to go on the kitchen but it’ll be finished sooner or later. We are waiting until the weather improves a bit so that the hubs can build the additional kitchen cabinetry and paint the cabinet doors without freezing to death. So while we wait for the spring temperatures, we live with this.


Far better improvement from before so I’m not complaining. In the mean time though, we are having a little design fun. As you may (or may not) recall, we are planning on adding some additional cabinetry on the side of the kitchen which formerly housed our gigantic refrigerator (right in front of the electrical panel). Since we went ahead and purchased the stacking washer and dryer (thanks Mom!) and moved the refrigerator to the opposite side of the room, we now have a whole wall open for storage and counter space. As you can see in the above, we are in dire need of more surface area. The 30″ of open countertop just isn’t cutting it any more. So after much googling, blog reading, and brainstorming, we came up with this.

One snowy afternoon, we cuddled up around my computer and using my newest obsession, Google SketchUp, we created this. Here’s what you are looking at: Upper cabinet for pantry purposes (we have no pantry currently), middle shelf open for microwave, and bottom cabinet for pull out trash can and possibly some more storage. To the right we will have a few drawers underneath another lovely Ikea butcherblock countertop with open shelves above (for glass containers to store sugar, flour, etc.) and last but not least, open underneath for the dog’s feeding/drinking area.

This entire area is going to make our life 10 times easier I tell ya! I can’t wait until we get this started. Wes is going to create the cabinet doors at his shop to match our existing one’s (so we can have custom sizes instead of stock items at HD) and we have already ordered the legs from They don’t look exactly like this but you get the idea. To think that we had this much additional storage and prep area that we have been missing out on for 4 years!

So enough about us and our plans, have you scooped up some extra storage space in your home that you don’t know how you lived without?! Do tell.