As if you hadn’t noticed already, we’ve been taking a bit of a break around here. Or at least a home improvement break. There has been a lot going around here including side projects and family visits which has left us with zero time to DIY. Not only DIY but more specifically finish the kitchen. Last we left off, we were looking a little something like this.

And it stayed this way for A…LONG…TIME. Finally Easter rolled around and I had the brilliant idea to invite friends over for lunch. With that motivation and my impeccable skills of persuasion, I convinced the hubby to finish the upper cabinet doors and install our on-a-budget backsplash. It must be the dinner I cooked or the movie I let him pick because he actually did it! He is my hero. So while I scrubbed the house from top to bottom (we are talking cleaning baseboards and moving furniture that hasn’t been touched in months), good ole Wes finished the kitchen cabinets.

Love it! It really made the kitchen feel so much more open and the ceilings feel sky-high with all that white and not to mention that the cabinets are installed right up to the ceiling. As I mentioned above, we went for a on-a-budget backsplash which translates to…beadboard. We had a leftover package of v-groove beadboard from an abandoned project last year and one of us (honestly can’t remember which one of us but I’ll gladly take he credit) had the brilliant idea to use it as our backsplash. We used a little construction adhesive along with a few finishing nails and voila! Instant backsplash. We went for white paint in a semi-gloss finish to keep things bright and easy to clean. Total backsplash cost … $30. Try and match that with tile!

We obviously still have details to tackle like trimming out the backsplash, install a fascia board to cover up the bottom of the cabinets (hence why we weren’t worried about the white paint that got on it), and install a shelf for the regularly used items we want within easy reach. That will come eventually. We are just excited to have all our dishes covered up so we don’t have to look at the mish mash of serving ware we have acquired over the years! How do people have matching dishes that can be displayed on open shelves?! Maybe I’m just too cheap to shell out the cash for a matching set. Whoops, got off topic there. Moving on.

So that sums up semi-completion of ONE wall in the kitchen. That sounds so sad when I read that. All this time and only ONE semi-completed wall. Oh well, moving on…we have a real problem on our hands besides our lack of free time. Ikea. Yes, Ikea is the thorn in my side. As I mentioned previously, we are going to install another prep area on the opposite side of the kitchen.

In case you forgot, our Lagan butcherblock countertop is out of stock at Ikea and has been for quite some time. Its been months now and still no countertop and no estimated arrival date.  What is a girl to do?! Google. I googled because there had to be some other irate people out there in need of a countertop and I found many! In one of the MANY threads, someone mentioned that Ikea was having trouble with their distributor and may never have that countertop back in stock again. Most devastating news ever.

So that’s how we ended up back at the countertop drawing board. Do we use a totally different countertop at this new section or just chuck our current countertop and start new so that everything matches. We’re still torn but I’ll post with our decision once it’s made. What do you think…different materials or trash the $60 countertop and start fresh?