What would you expect (2) people to do who are 12 weeks away from expecting their first child? Thats right, work on their kitchen renovation! I know it seems a little out of whack but you should know by now that (a) we take far longer than most people to finish projects and (b) we are crazy. I can defend our kitchen renovation timing though. Let me remind you of this sight:

Thats right, half of our kitchen appliances were being stored in our future little girl’s room. In order to empty this room out and get it ready for baby, we had to complete our kitchen renovation.

Over the long Fourth of July weekend the hubby got to work and I got to painting (doctor approved of course). If you can recall from many moons ago, we planned on this layout for the kitchen.

And if you can recall again, we only completed one wall during our Thanksgiving holiday renovation.

So with an extended weekend, Wes built the rest of the cabinetry and I painted the base/casing that had remained in it’s primed state from last year. If you can’t tell, I’m hanging my head in shame. The first project completed of this weekend was the painted casing/base. We already had the paint which meant no supplies had to be purchased and it took about (2) hours to complete. Why on Earth had we waited so long?! We are infamous for putting off projects that take nearly zero time and give the most satisfying results. Nothing better than some bright white trim don’t you think! And while I was in the painting zone, I decided to paint the walls too. Ok, that is a little embarassing to admint as well. This is the third paint color since we renovated but I am 100% in love with this choice now. Third time’s a charm, I guess. This go round we settled on Arcadia by Glidden which is a lovely grayed down green. In love!

So while I completed my projects, Wes completed his. He not only built the cabinets to surround the washer/dryer and refrigerator for a more built-in look but he also…wait for it…purchased the additional butcher block countertop for the other side of the kitchen. It only took (6) months for Ikea to replenish their stock. That doesn’t seem ridulous at all. Sarcasm intended. So that purchase meant we could install the cabinets that Wes built months ago on the opposite wall from the washer/dryer/refrigerator as well.

So without further ado, here is our kitchen today.

Now the only things left for this room are cabinet doors and crown moulding. The crown will be installed around the top of all the cabinets as well as the walls so all the gaps you see will be covered. Wes will be making the cabinet doors at work on his fancy equipment and we will just worry about those later. My main focus was to get cabinets for all the miscellaneous kitchen things that were living in the nursery. Baby can’t sleep next to the crock pot. I’m less worried about covering everything up in the cabinets. We will get to the doors eventually.

So thats how we spent our holiday weekend. As one of my lovely commenters declared once, we are not just weekend warriors, we are holiday weekend warriors. I like the way that sounds. 🙂