Wes and I have been out of town for too many weekends in a row. Naturally all these little trips were in celebration of our little girl (translation : baby showers) which is wonderful but traveling seriously cuts down on your productivity level. We had one free weekend in the midst of our baby shower-palooza and we wanted to take advantage of it. So we woke up bright and early that Saturday morning with our game face on and dove straight in to our nursery to-do list.

Wes, of course, tackled the crib. This is our number one priority since baby needs a place to sleep once we return from the hospital. We don’t really have room for anything temporary in our master so that means her room needs to be ready to go once she arrives. So off he went to the backyard to continue construction on the crib. He had already cut most of the parts/pieces for it at work but now he needed to focus on cutting them to length and making sure that everything fit together properly.

While he slaved away on the crib, I tried to make myself useful. I probably should have gone to get a pedicure and milked the whole “I’m growing a human being” thing a little more but I just felt too guilty. Instead, I tackled the existing trim in the nursery. As we have renovated each room in the house, we have replaced all the moulding (window casing, base, crown, etc.). The nursery was no exception. So with my trusty hammer and crowbar, I went to work. It was a pretty quick job with just a few minor holes left in the wall. It seemed pretty easy until I finished my work underneath the window on the front of the house. I easily removed the woodbase in this area. A little too easily. I noticed that the base seemed a bit moist and the drywall did as well. Not a good sign. So once Wes finished with his project for the day, I called his attention to my minor dilemma. He was instantly concerned and decided that the best course of action was to cut a section of the drywall away and see if there was any serious damage happening around the window.

Naturally, there was. You see, there are a few major components to framing, especially an exterior load bearing wall. Those major components were about 1/3 of the way rotted. As in no longer bearing any load. Heck, they weren’t even touching the floor any more. Awesome.

You could gently push on the wall and feel it bending. Not exactly the safety feature we wanted in our little girl’s room. That’s when Wes went into daddy/protector mode and started calling a few friends that are familliar with general construction. We were lucky enough that one of those friends agreed to spend his afternoon explaining to Wes how to solve this problem. It involved sketches, a materials list, and written instruction. We were so thankful for his kindness. We immediately went to Home Depot and priced the materials. Luckily we would only be in the hole about $150 if Wes did the work himself. Of course he needed to take (2) days off of work to actually tackle it but it was worth the sarcrifice.

So Wes spent Monday and Tuesday of the work week completely tearing apart the nursery and the front of the house. He actually had to remove the siding and part of the wood floors in order to repair all the damaged wood. Neat. Here’s a little glimpse of what I came home to at lunch.

Super neat. Honestly, I was just glad my husband is handy enough to handle this all himself. We could of had some serious cash flow problems if we had to hire a professional. On a side note: how is it that the world just knows when you are trying to save some money for your new little one? First $2,000 to replace the catalytic converter in my car and now rotten framing. Seriously?! My nerves can’t handle much more.

Anyway, Wes handled everything like a pro (of course) and we were able to remove all signs of rotted wood and seal the outside properly from the inside so we shouldn’t have any more problems. This added a few more things to the nursery to-do list like patching the wood floors and drywall but I suppose it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Does any one else always run into surprises when they tackle a project? I feel like it must be us or maybe it’s just our house. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones!