Last we left off, I was telling you about our devastating water damage that slowed down our nursery progress tremendously. Luckily the husband finished off that work and we were finally ready to get down to business. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?!

The next step was my favorite…painting. You know I love to paint and being pregnant and painting is no exception. First off, don’t worry. All the painting was doctor approved and in addition to that, we chose to use a no-VOC paint from Lowe’s. Valspar’s new no-VOC paint to be exact.  Naturally the painting took about a day because this girl needs some  down time in between coats to catch her breath. Here it is! (Ignore the crown in this photo, we will get to that)

Now I’m sure you are thinking…what happened to this? Well, the plan has completely changed. Is anyone really surprised? I know I’m not and neither is Wes. Although I still love the original plan, something wasn’t clicking. That’s when Wes suggested that we change the paint color to something more neutral. You know I love neutral and using a neutral paint in the nursery actually seemed like a great idea. That way  we could add as much color as we wanted in the fabric, wall art, and you know her toys will be colorful. This girl will certainly not be without color, don’t you worry. So we chose to go with Glidden – Meeting House which seems to be my favorite shade of cream ever. We also used it on our bathroom vanity and wainscoting. Its the perfect amount of creamiest. Not too yellow, not too gray. Love it!

With the paint out of the way we could jump on to Wes’s favorite part. The trim. We replaced the window & door casing, baseboards, and the crown. For a little drama, we decided to go with a 2 piece crown and then similar casing and base as the rest of the house. Here is a peak at the trim prior to painting.

Wes was able to order all the casing from his work so it was significantly cheaper than going with HD or Lowes AND it was real wood. None of that particle board for our little girl. No, no, no. She gets the real thing. The one down side to real wood moulding is that it’s not primed. Sad. Luckily the husband took care of that step and was sweet enough to paint the finish coat as well so this pregnant lady didn’t need to climb on any ladders. Here is the result:

Love it! Doesn’t a room always look better with freshly painted white trim? I think it does.

Next up on the agenda: the crib. Wes has been slaving away and I can’t wait to share all the details!!!! Stay tuned.