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Yes, I just pulled an early 2000’s rap song out of my arsenal as a blog post title. I am pathetic. Or if you are my mother, you think that I’m a bad speller.

I have a confession to make. I’m a designer and I use ceiling fans. I know that most people including other bloggers and every designer on HGTV will shun me for this but it’s true. I use ceiling fans. Sure I love the look of a chic and modern light fixture from (insert decor store here) but sometimes they just aren’t practical. Especially when you are 7 months pregnant and it’s over 90 degrees outside. Thats why when the time came to get rid of our master bedroom builder grade “boob light” we opted for a ceiling fan.

Now I do have some standards. It couldn’t be just any ceiling fan. It still needed to have a little bit of style and coordinate with the rest of the room and last but not least…not break the bank. We are saving up for a certain someone’s college education, you know. So we wandered through the aisles of Home Depot and found this beauty for $65 smackers.

It had walnut blades, an oil rubbed bronze metal finish, and it was only 44″ which was the perfect size for our petite master.

We snatched this baby up and Wes had it installed within 20 minutes. I was on standby to hand him any necessary tools but ultimately it was a one person job.


What do you think? Do you use ceiling fans or did Trading Spaces brainwash you to think that they were a cardinal sin?


Ok, so that statement isn’t entirely true. I still love yellow and want to wear yellow sweaters while I carry my yellow purse and although I’m still searching for yellow shoes, I will find them, and wear them with all my other yellow things while wearing my yellow necklace. BUT…my yellow lamps are not bringing the sunshine into my living room like I had hoped. I don’t know if it was the shade of yellow or perhaps the finish but they were lack luster to say the least. So I made an executive decision to sand them and go white. Bright glossy white. I know it seems boring but I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m kind of boring. I like the neutral wall color in our living room and kitchen, the earth tones of the rug and curtain, the white trim, and dark woods. Boring, yes…makes me happy…YES! So I’m embracing my boring and going white. You also know that I change my mind on a daily basis when it comes to design decisions so if my darling thrift store lamps are neutral then they will always coordinate with the rest of the room or any room if I choose to move them around. I need that sort of flexibility in life desperately because let me tell you, sanding these suckers has been a nightmare.

First off, let me just air my dirty laundry. I primed these brass beauties before applying the yellow paint and for some reason the primer left a sort of rough texture. Did I do anything about it? No. So I ended up with sandpapery yellow lamps and I just chose to live with it. Poor decision. Now that I want a smooth glossy white finish, I have to sand the lamp down to be super super smooth. This is annoying and makes me cranky. Husband laughs at me because he sands on a daily basis and he has to be much more tedious and detail oriented and on a much larger scale. He is quite the one-upper sometimes (love you babe!). Ok, I can’t beat him when it comes to complaining but thats not going to stop me. Sanding lamps with bumpy primer texture stinks and it almost makes me just want to have one lamp in the living room and just trash the other because I don’t want to sand it.

Ok, Well I sucked it up and did both because I just couldn’t bare to fail again!

After getting my lamps sanded down, I taped up the electrical portions and got my glossy white spray paint ready go. Thats how we ended up with this!

I love them and they make me happy. However, as you very well know, I reserve the right to change my mind at any point. 🙂

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