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Yes, I just pulled an early 2000’s rap song out of my arsenal as a blog post title. I am pathetic. Or if you are my mother, you think that I’m a bad speller.

I have a confession to make. I’m a designer and I use ceiling fans. I know that most people including other bloggers and every designer on HGTV will shun me for this but it’s true. I use ceiling fans. Sure I love the look of a chic and modern light fixture from (insert decor store here) but sometimes they just aren’t practical. Especially when you are 7 months pregnant and it’s over 90 degrees outside. Thats why when the time came to get rid of our master bedroom builder grade “boob light” we opted for a ceiling fan.

Now I do have some standards. It couldn’t be just any ceiling fan. It still needed to have a little bit of style and coordinate with the rest of the room and last but not least…not break the bank. We are saving up for a certain someone’s college education, you know. So we wandered through the aisles of Home Depot and found this beauty for $65 smackers.

It had walnut blades, an oil rubbed bronze metal finish, and it was only 44″ which was the perfect size for our petite master.

We snatched this baby up and Wes had it installed within 20 minutes. I was on standby to hand him any necessary tools but ultimately it was a one person job.


What do you think? Do you use ceiling fans or did Trading Spaces brainwash you to think that they were a cardinal sin?


I recently got the itch to update our bedroom duvet cover. I love what we have now but as you all know, this girl likes to switch it up. Currently we have this amazing paisley number from Crate & Barrel that we received as a wedding gift.

I started a major google search over the weekend and honestly I’m just a bit torn between these two. Which would you choose?

*images courtesy of
HA HA!! Ok, in all seriousness, I am having the hardest time tracking down anything that I like. I stumbled upon this duvet during a random google search and do you know what I discovered…
This bad boy costs $723.00 for a king size. And NO, that is not a typo. We can cross that one of the list.
Then I contemplated this mosaic duvet from Crate & Barrel.
I think this one has a lot of potential but I will definitely need to check it out in person to see how vibrant the colors are.
Well enough about me and what I think. What are your thoughts? Have you seen any amazing bedding lately or perhaps you have an opinion on one of the options above or have experience sticker shock like I did from the $700 price tag for a simple duvet. Let it all out. I’m all ears!

As you read recently, the Gillen household is super excited about the purchase of Crotch Mahogany Veneer. We certainly have plenty of projects on our to-do list around here that don’t involve this veneer but I just couldn’t keep myself from doing a little planning.

Our first Crotch Mahogany Veneer project is going to be a headboard for our master bedroom. Currently we have no bedframe and our pillows lean up against the window. Relaxing, right?!

Our first thought was that we didn’t mind covering up the window. We’re going to start by putting up IKEA Vivan panels in front of the window entirely so that the headboard and height of the bed aren’t dependent on that window. We bought a brand new mattress when we purchased this house and it is super thick, I mean thick like a Cookout milkshake thick. Because of this, I’ve always been concerned about a bedframe or headboard since any extra height would immediately cover up the window. Solution…cover up the window. We never use it anyway and we have another window right on the other side of the room so plenty of sunlight will still flow in.

Moving on…with the window covered up, my creative wheels started turning and I churned out this.

The headboard would be painted white and the veneer inset into the (3) middle panels.

So what do you think…beautiful, lame, or you wouldn’t be caught dead with anything named crotch in your house?

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