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Just a little glimpse of what our pampered pooches are up to while Wes and I are  tackling our back breaking renovations.


Bailey is definitely the “I’ll wait here until you need my help and when you walk away I will immediately follow you so I don’t miss anything exciting” type. She likes to stay right under her Dad’s feet under his work table and in the process end up completely covered in saw dust which in turn ends up on her Mom’s carpet once back in the house. But how can a girl get mad at that face. I mean, really?!


Now Samson is definitely the more “I’ll wait over here and bask in the sunlight until you’re ready to play” type. He tends to just roll around in the grass and guard his unraveled baseball completely oblivious to all the work going on.

Gotta love ’em both! A project without one of them under our feet or freaking out when the air compressor comes on just wouldn’t be much of a project, now would it?!


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