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So last weekend, we made a little update here at the Gillen house. I have long hated the color of my bedroom.

I mean what was I thinking! It’s all pastel and gross and looks like it belongs in one of those girl’s nurseries that I hate. So not me and definitely not representative of our style. I have had my heart set on a charcoal gray bedroom for a few months now and after getting the hubby on board, I bit the bullet and bought the paint. Martha Stewart Zinc.

Let me start by telling you how much I am in love with Lowe’s paint. I won’t buy paint anywhere else. Naturally they matched the Martha Stewart color which is only carried at Home Depot but on top of that they offer a “flat enamel” paint. I have now painted every room, except the guest room, in this type of paint. It is a flat finish but has the characteristics of an eggshell or satin. It can easily be touched up but can also be wiped down. Love it! I can’t stand any paint with a sheen. It kind of makes me want to gag so it’s flat all the way for me. I’m also a compulsive toucher-upper so that feature is a must. But when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, you really need the wipeability…is that even a word? Anyway, Valspar Flat Enamel has all that and I’m officially sold.

Ok, back to the bedroom. We picked up our Martha Stewart, Zinc in Valspar Flat Enamel and headed home. After an afternoon of painting, only 2 coats necessary, we ended up with this!

I am in love. It’s so sophisticated and I love the deep color for a bedroom. Very relaxing. Now I’m starting to see a little cohesion in our house. Now if I could just tackle the guest room…

Obviously our bedroom still needs some sprucing up. We have big plans for the wardrobes, windows, and bed so stay tuned! It’s one of many things on our to-do list!


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