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Is anyone else out there completely addicted to jars? Thats right…those little glass containers that I can seem to find a million uses for.

It all started with a stash of mason jars I remembered my grandmother keeping on hand at all times. Now she had a real use for them…jelly. She made the most delicious muscadine jelly in the whole world. Well after she passed away my mother held on to a huge box full of those jars and then one day the idea dawned on me…I can use those! At the time though, I wasn’t quite sure how.

I started by organizing with them. I use a jar for the extra buttons that come with blouses, I use another to store the extra screws we may need one day, and of course I use a few to organize the office supplies on my desk. From pencils to paper clips to paint brushes!

Then I branched out to another spot in the house that could use some serious organization…the bathroom. As you all know, we renovated our bathroom earlier this year (and its still a work in progress I must say) but while we were ripping things out, I kept brainstorming ways to keep our lone bathroom as functional and beautiful at the same time. Then I thought JARS! We use a mason jar to hole our toothbrushes which I love because we then don’t end up with some sort of cheezy holder like this one. The other (2) small items that we use the most in the bathroom are cotton balls and q-tips and with a husband that has an obsession with cleaning his ears multiple times a day, you have got to have q-tips within reach at all times. Yep, he’s that OCD. With that idea in my back pocket, I knew that I had hit the jackpot when I stumbled upon these lidded jars at our local Michael’s.

Now here is the kicker…they were $1.00 each. Thats right, $1.00. Enough said. Pop these babies next to a recycled glass soap pump from Target on a cheap tray from Ikea, and you have a convenient toiletry tray that lets your guests feel right at home.

So from office supplies to bathroom supplies, jars can handle all your problems in my opinion. Young House Love uses them to store vacation mementos for display.

The Lettered Cottage uses jars to help create little vignettes on her seasonal mantel.


What do you jar?


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