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Wes and I have been in a mad rush to get the house in order since we learned we would have several weekends in a row of house guests. Nothing like a little pressure to light a fire under you! So with the guests arriving this weekend and next we did what most people do…paint the kitchen. Ok, so maybe that’s just me.

Well, as most of you know I love painting and I love painting rooms over and over again. Love may be a strong word but I certainly do enjoy getting the perfect color on the walls. Ever since I painted the kitchen during our renovation, I felt less than enthused about the choice. It just didn’t have the punch I was looking for and with such a small kitchen, I could use all the help I could get in the punch department.

This is the less than ideal before:

So where did my color daydreams begin? Blue. I have always loved a blue kitchen. Any shade really…gray blue, pale blue, slate blue, navy blue.  So I scoured my multiple paint decks and kept coming back to the same thing. Navy Blue. I just loved how deep and rich the color could be while really letting the white cabinets pop which was the problem with the current wall color. So I stumbled upon a reject sample from the bathroom reno and slapped some Glidden Blue-Green Slate on the walls. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s navy blue. And beautiful and perfect. So I had our local Lowe’s match it to their no-VOC Olympic paint and went to town. Two coats later and we had this:

Do you love it? I do! It took a few days to get used to how dark it is (just because the paint color before was so light) but now I can’t imagine it any other way. It transitions so nicely from the smokey gray walls in the living room and works nicely with the warm wood countertops from Ikea.

The next mission is to assemble a runner (yes, that means carpet tiles) in front of the sink. I’m thinking about this bad boy.

Then we construct the rest of the cabinetry. Wes started a few weekends ago but unfortunately the countertop is out of stock at almost every Ikea. Sad. So we wait but at least it is built and ready for install!

Thats probably all we will be able to handle before the guests arrive. Maybe we will find time to patch the big hole in our hallway drywall (more on that later) but we’ll see. There are only so many hours in the day and we both like eating and sleeping too much to let DIY projects get in the way of  that. Oh, and netflix marathons too. Dexter anyone?


As if I needed any more reasons to love Lowe’s over Home Depot. I am whole heartedly a Lowe’s shopper. I have always found better customer service (which is a big deal in my book) and, in my opinion, better product at my local Lowe’s or any Lowe’s for that matter. If you had asked me a few days ago, I would’ve said I didn’t need any more reasons to choose the vibrant blue over the tacky orange but then I ventured into the Lowe’s paint department yesterday and saw this…

<insert picture here if I was a responsible blogger and brought my camera everywhere but I’m not so you get nothing>

Ok, let me just tell you then. They have custom mixed spray paint! That’s right, you pick the color from any of their paint swatches or your own and they will mix the paint and some how magically get it into a typical aerosol spray paint can. Are you as in awe as I am? I was amazed. No longer do you have to settle for only one of the three shades of yellow available pre-mixed. You can choose any color under the rainbow and it can be yours while you wait in a wonderful aerosol can available at the paint counter in your local Lowe’s.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Home Depot will jump on the bandwagon soon if they haven’t already and offer this service but you heard it hear first, Lowe’s custom mixed spray paint. Let the DIY-ing begin.

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