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2010 is officially the “Year of the House”. We pretty much started off with a loud and serious bang. We rang in the New Year with our first major project of the year. A complete bathroom remodel. This included re-tiling our grimey and decreptic shower, replacing our stained and torn vinyl floor with tile, building a new vanity large enough for an adult, and replacing all the fixtures and accessories to bring our new bathroom to life. We are still in the throws of this one (it always takes longer than you think, you know) but I will have updates on this soon. I promise!

After the bathroom is complete, we have a long and exhausting list of projects for the rest of the year. Yep, all our extra time, money, and energy is being poured into our little bungalow this year. Here’s an idea of what’s in store…

  • Complete bathroom renovation
  • Install new railing on front porch
  • Built-in bookcase for the hallway
  • Custom headboard and frame for master bedroom
  • Kitchen renovation

And thats the short list. I’m sure we’ll throw in a few little projects here and there and there are always a few unforeseen projects that jump to the top of the list as we work on our 50 year old house but that’s what makes DIY so exciting, right?! Yeah, I’m not convinced either.

Well, here goes nothing. The Year of the House continues…


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