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I’ve had fabric on the brain recently. Fabric for sofas, fabric for chairs, fabric for dog beds. All sorts of fabric dreams swirling around in my head. Everytime I start brainstorming, I end up thinking about natural fabrics. More specifically, burlap. I’m sure you have started seeing it pop up all over.

From pillows to chairs to tote bags. All burlap and even more specifically, burlap sacks turned home decor. I love it! Not only does it have this nubby natural texture but it also incorporates a graphic print. Love it! 

I’m actually thinking about DIY-ing the coffee sack look myself. Turns out when you google coffee sack, you find out that they cost a minimum of $50 for a sack, an empty sack no less. I don’t even get coffee beans out of the deal! So needless to say, the authentic coffee sack was off the list. Then I googled burlap, burlap is so dirt cheap its ridiculous. It must be the red headed step child of the fabric world. So my goal is to purchase some burlap and go to town with some stencils and paint to create the great graphic pattern that the expensive coffeee sacks bring to the table. If I go the DIY route, I will even be able to customize the graphic so it’s personal. Love it!

Here is my chair now:

I bought this bad boy about a million years ago at a local antique shop for $15. It has unfortunately remained in it’s original state since I purchased it but its time is coming soon. I’m going to steal a little inspiration from these guys…


 And revamp this neglected chair. Can’t wait to share my DIY burlap chair chair makeover!


My love affair for all things vintage inspired doesn’t stop at furniture and decor. It also includes hardware. I am completely obsessed with vintage hardware and that includes these beautiful bin pulls.

Amerock Solid Brass Cup Pull (BP4235-ORB)

It just makes me want to put drawers in everyone so I can use these babies. Aren’t they beautiful? Ok, maybe its just me. But look at this version.

 It just makes my hardware and organization obsessed mouth water. And look at these babies in action…

House Beautiful

Apartment Therapy

Just stunning! They look so sophisticated but are so much more exciting than plain old knobs. Are you obsessed with anything hardware related these days? Pulls, knobs, hinges? Anybody?!

Recently a co-worker of mine introduced me to Sarah’s House. A wonderful home renovation show on HGTV. Now the hubby and I no longer have cable (best decision we ever made) so I wasn’t able to watch the actual show but I have been able to enjoy the eye candy Sarah creates via internet. Ok, scratch that…not just enjoy but become completely and totally obsessed over. Here are a few snippets.



Now the one common thing you will likely notice in Sarah’s spaces is the neutral wall color. She almost always starts with a neutral base and layers on top of that. Brilliant! I think many of us like color so much that we immediately want to slap it on the walls (myself included) but if you start subtle, then your amazing accessories, art, and furniture can really be the stars of the show.

I really just wanted to include that last one because she used the same IKEA curtains I have. So cute in a nursery!

So there you have it…Sarah Richardson. Oh and not only does she design interior spaces but she also designs furniture to go in them and now has a line of paint colors at Lowe’s. Talk about an over achiever after my own heart. Love her!

I’m back again with another love affair of the week! (Yes, I actually remembered to do this post again!)  This week is devoted to the Schoolhouse Light.

Lighting Universe

You see the Schoolhouse Light (mostly in pendant form) everywhere these days and I’m a-ok with jumping on that bandwagon. They are beautiful as pendants, as ceiling mount, as just about anything! Here are a few examples just to get your mouth watering.


Farmhouse Kitchen from School House Electric traditional kitchen



They have that perfect vintage look but could still feel perfectly at home in a more modern space. You mostly see them in kitchens but I think they could be the perfect lighting solution for most rooms. Now I do have one bone to pick with Schoolhouse lights…the price tag. Have you seen the cost associated with these puppies? You can barely find anything for under $150.00 and if you do find something on the cheap side, it definitely looks like it. That’s why I’m planning my own DIY schoolhouse light. Be sure to stayed tuned. I’m hoping the results will be fantastic (and save me a buck or two) but it could also be completely tragic and give you a good laugh. Either way it should be entertaining!

So I decided to start a regularly scheduled post each week that will include one image that I am obsessed with…at least for the moment. I’m hoping that this will do two things: (1) make me post at least once every week (I know, I know…I’ve been pretty slack lately) and (2) share some inspirational things I stumble upon. As all of you know by now, my likes and dislikes change on a daily basis so this could get a little crazy!

Now for week 1.

Kravet Fabrics

I stumbled on to this photo while I was flipping through the latest issue of House Beautiful. Now normally I wouldn’t give it a second thought because the Ikat fabric makes me want to puke but my eye was immediately drawn to the yellow woodgrain fabric covered bench. Um…hello. Did you hear me?! Yellow woodgrain fabric! I must have this. I don’t know where. Pillows, headboard, side chair! To give you a little more information about the photo, all the fabrics are from Kravet Fabrics new collection by Thom Filicia. Yep, thats right. The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy dude. Apparently he’s doing well.

Kravet Fabrics

I love this fabric. Maybe it’s just that the Gillen house is obsessed with all things made of wood. What do you think? Love or hate?

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