Recently a co-worker of mine introduced me to Sarah’s House. A wonderful home renovation show on HGTV. Now the hubby and I no longer have cable (best decision we ever made) so I wasn’t able to watch the actual show but I have been able to enjoy the eye candy Sarah creates via internet. Ok, scratch that…not just enjoy but become completely and totally obsessed over. Here are a few snippets.



Now the one common thing you will likely notice in Sarah’s spaces is the neutral wall color. She almost always starts with a neutral base and layers on top of that. Brilliant! I think many of us like color so much that we immediately want to slap it on the walls (myself included) but if you start subtle, then your amazing accessories, art, and furniture can really be the stars of the show.

I really just wanted to include that last one because she used the same IKEA curtains I have. So cute in a nursery!

So there you have it…Sarah Richardson. Oh and not only does she design interior spaces but she also designs furniture to go in them and now has a line of paint colors at Lowe’s. Talk about an over achiever after my own heart. Love her!